The Common Vein Copyright 2007

The breast is a modified apocrine gland


Structurally it is characterized by its parts, size shape position and character together with its links and characteristic changes with time.  It varies in size with age and among woman of the same age.  It is rudimentaryorgan in males.  Its shape in women of reproductive age is conical and it lies on the anterior chest wall with soft and rubbery consistencey.  It is connected via characteristic blood vessels lymphatics, with a ductakl system that is connected to the outside via the nipple.  It is attached to the anterior chest wall by ligaments.  It is protected by the skin.

As Biological Unit


The (name organ)


Links and Connections


The (name organ) is connected to


Units to Unity


The (name organ) is part of


Dependence and Independence


The (name organ) cannot function alone and requires centrally based innervations and signaling in addition to the


Time Growth and Aging


Embryo highlights growth and aging highlights.





The (name organ) space lies within the





Forces that relate to (name organ) function include….




While it …


States of Being  Health and Disease


During health …..